~Ask Blog Etiquette with Yes Man!~
I’ve noticed a few rumbling amongst the blogs, and some questions and confusions surfacing and I decided to help out! We’ve got a lot to cover, so take notes! There will be a pop quiz later! Ha ha!

Lets start off with some ask blog related things! Yes Man, how do I make an ask blog! What do I do to become popular! Well, here are some easy steps in making one! These are not a must to follow, but they certainly helped me!

1.1)    You have a personal blog to reblog your silly kitten pictures and witty jokes! Unless you are running an rp blog where the kitten pictures might seem like something your character would reblog, keep them off to avoid the clutter!

2.2)    Answer as many questions as you can! Sometimes you can get bogged down in questions, I understand, but do your best! Anons might seem like risky business, but sometimes you might get a really good question from there!

3.3)    Draw what you can! Do your very best! If you can’t draw, then write to your best ability! Remember grammar and spelling!

4.4)    Remember  to make the question rebloggable for others! Other blogs might want to add something onto it!

5.5)    Remember to trim your role plays down as you go, if your ask blog is the role playing type! A clean dashboard is a happy dashboard!

6.6)    If there is any hot steamy bedroom action, please remember to put it under the Read More tag! Some people might not like to read or see your intimate actions, strange enough! So be a pal and give a warning first!

Pretty easy, am I right? Now, with the anons, sometimes you might get messages talking about your art. Not every anon is out to get you! Nor are they the same person. Accept critique and try to do your best! Some of them just want to see you improve! And believe me, crits help you develop as an artist and writer. Constructive criticism is not an attack on you, but it is sent to help you! If you get upset, take a step back. Sometimes it might not be a very good critique. There is a big difference between “THIS SUCKS” and “It would help if you used a reference next time. Watch that elbow there!”.

Next up is feelings. Be nice! I can’t stress how important it is to be nice. You can make new friends this way, have new stories unfold themselves, and find people to help give you advice along the way! Bad attitudes attract other bad attitudes. If you do have a complaint, please be civil about it. That goes for both sides! It turns off readers when they see a big spat flying between blogs.

Sometimes feelings can get hurt due to the content of the role plays! But remember! The Mods above are NOT the character. Just because a character is mean doesn’t mean the person pulling the strings is! Does this mean my Mod isn’t nice? Well, that is up to you to decide!  If there is any misunderstandings, contact each other!  Have a nice chat. You might be surprised who is running the show….

Sometimes you are left wondering “Just how do I go about getting in on this fallout rp fun!” and I am here to tell you, make a character and hop in! Though, there are some questions you must ask yourself before you dive into the deep end. Like, “Do I want to play Fallout? Or do I want to play another game?” “Does my character fit within the rules of the Fallout universe?” “Does this make sense?” “Should I make my own, or find one of the many characters not taken?”If you answered yourself another game, it leads to a whole new set of questions! Ask yourself again, does it make sense within the Fallout universe? Do you want to play Fallout, or force the Fallout characters into whatever universe your character is from? How did they even get here?

Crossovers are fun, don’t get me wrong! But if I find myself trying to force demons out of peoples shadows while they are turning my shadow pink with a curse, I am going to be one very confused robot! Silly games with others are fine, but when you shatter the laws of the game universe you are trying to fit in…. it doesn’t seem like you really want to play that game in the first place, but instead force the others into your own.

I understand that we are all here to have fun! But be courteous to others! We all want to have a good time here, so let’s!

Again, these are just helpful hints that I am sharing with you! If any of you feel like this is an attack. I am very sorry about that. It isn’t. It’s just me as your best pal robot offering you some tips of the trade! Take it or leave it, it’s up to you! I just want everyone to get along and be on the same page.

Now get your papers and number two pencils ready! Quiz time!

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